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语言文学毕业论文- 一个“越轨”的女子-萧红


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Mr. Lu Xun praises Xiaohong that her style is Beyond bounds when he made the foreword for her work"Life and Death Field ".This article said she has the derail tendency in the thought, the sex and the morals. Realize from the national consciousness,female consciousness and the human nature consciousness, three consciousness transformations symbolize her thought going off course;we also can realize the misery which female represent and the national incorrigbility which the male represent from her work.those are beyond bounds thought about the sex .she rebelled her family,her love,her time and pursued freedom,those symbolized her derailment about moral. Xiao Hongs life is rebels life and the life which pursues unceasingly.she perseveres own throughout faith, rebel all she thought is unreasonable, is pursuing her own dreams. She pays attention to the female, the weak, the entire humanity. Her thought in advance urges her to write many classics work.
Key words: Xiao Hong; Beyond bounds thought ; Beyond bounds sex;
  Beyond bounds morals


语言文学毕业论文- 一个“越轨”的女子-萧红相关推荐
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