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摘   要


Even since the 1980s there have been more and more affairs named by “the phenomenon”, but each kind of “the phenomenon ”has only a short life. Nevertheless, there is an exception, that is “Wangshuo phenomenon”. Wang Shuo and his writing are questions of interest and are paid close attention by people inside and outside of the literary group.
Ridicule is Wang Shuos language feature. Wang Shuo makes a reform to language, createing a pattern of "Wang Shuo " novel, which is on the basis of his typical writing feature——ridicule. The ridiculous languages can be divided into three kinds. Wangshuo’s language is apt to changing, and by using this writing skill, Wang Shuo makes his works represent fresh, strange and unusual meaning, achieving the finish of “combining the vulgar and the elegant”, thus to win the literary superiority.
The appearance of Wangshuo and his novel changes the overall pattern of contemporary literature of China, and the rises of civil culture that he represents is the kinds of mocking and dispelling to the traditional classical culture and the serious cultural. At the same time, as a spokesman of the popular literary, he uses a special language way and the narrative structure to display his upmost concern for the people of low social position.
This kind of game -like language became his tool of breaking the social rank gap, and the kind humorous and playful writing feature released the inner fear of common people, thus to understand the incredibleness of destiny. At the same time, Wangshuo’s typical humorous writhing skill achieves him an unique status in the Chinese novel of present age.
    Key words: Ridicule; deconstruction; revolt; civil literature


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