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摘   要



Under the direction of Marxist theory of literature and art, this paper explained the theme of "absolve the chains in the life" in Maughams novels with the multiple and analytic way. The preface accounted the reasons、thrust and aims why I choose this subject. The first chapter explained how to break the temptation away from material chain .The second chapter explained how to undo the tie of emotional chain. The third chapter is the most important one, on the base of the two front chapters, it explained how to absolve the yoke of mental chain from two aspects: first , denied the mental connotation of  common customs, its a stumbling block in the way of exploring  spirit; second,  get by the elaboration of  exploring life meaning and  pursuing self-worth,  show  remorseless  explorer in the  nihility. The
conclusion summarized the whole paper and called on people who are in trouble to find a place where they could hold their vagabond soul, like the leading character in the novels.
    Key words: Maugham; life; chains; absolve


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