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摘   要

关键词:冯梦龙;《3言》 ;女性形象 ;市民文化


The rudiment with the capitalism, new developing citizens stratum appeared in the society in the Ming Dynasty. Because social listing will of the people know appearance, thought field the king studies the rise of the Left, make , free oneself from old ideas trend prosperity stand up , produce new life values, the human nature is paid attention to. Under this kind of environment, it is unprecedentedly prosperous that citizens literature has been got. Feng MengLong has been influenced by citizens consciousness, has written famous collection of short stories " three speeches ". At novel on it is at he,mould with image women than before take the place of works have activity peoples fresh even more. They have occupied the key status in a lot of chapters, even has become soul personages , its distinct individual character has glamour of the times very much. It is stronger that they pursue the love and marry the partner of ones own choice with the equal hope. They break old " chastity " , " strong " moral concept in feudal Confucian or feudal ethical codes, have put forward the rational requirement for pursuing the lust, launch it to asceticism and feudal and ethical challenge. More distinct one point is: There are a lot of women that have extreme knowledge abilities in his novel , even make a lot of men feel deeply ashamed. The appearance , social ideological trend at that time and culture background relation of these women image were quite great. Prosperity that social listing will of the people know whether these woman image must use existing soil, thought field king study the Left affirm it is woman these can people appreciate and philosophy basis that accept in image for people not to want.
Keywords:  Feng MengLong;  three speeches;  Womens image;
 Citizens culture


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