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摘   要



Zhang Ruoxu life only leaves behind two poems, actually because of Spring Changjiang River-area cotton Moonlit night, "orphaned horizontally certainly, unexpectedly for everybody". This first poem not only by the spring, the river, the flower, the month, a night of this moving beautiful scene causes the human to be infatuated with, in the poem contains more importantly life consciousness and so on universe, life intense is shocking each readers mind. This article from beautiful scene easy to vanish, the youth is difficult to remain, the life short, the universe infinite, unbearable, lovesickness is difficult to dispatch with the hope return, to look out the ideal these four aspects elaborated Spring Changjiang River-area cotton Moonlit night the life consciousness.
Spring Changjiang River-area cotton Moonlit night to the spring, the river, the flower, the month, a night of these five kind of scenery has carried on the careful description, has outlined a beautiful spring river night scene chart to the reader, has contained to natural beautiful scene being reluctant to part with, to youth time treasuring. The poetry in to the river water, in Jiang Yue description, feels "infinitely to life generation of already" the life philosophy and "the river month only is year after year similar" the universe idea, expressed one kind of universe infinite, the life short deep ponder. The poetry describes the decoy to think womans lovesickness to leave the sentiment, expressed the horizon to be widely separated by, the human sentiment difficult circle to be depressed as well as and yearned for to the happy love hope, displayed one kind of intense life to give sympathy .
Key words: Zhang Ruoxu; Spring Changjiang River-area cotton Moonlit night;
 Life consciousness


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