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Both Pearl S.Buck and Zhang Ailing are famous writers with different cultural background of China and Western.As a result of then have a thorongh understanding about China and Western cultures and dual perspectiues,then make an incisine analysis on social and relationship between men and women. Pearl S.Buck reveals her view in the heart with fervent concern while Zhang Ailing takes pity on extreme.They concern for the fate of women and only focuse on the liberation of love and marriage,but also the psychological display and state of survival.Their female consciousnesses are profound and reach a certain universality height.Pavilion of Women and The Golden Cangue are concentrated expressions of their female conscionsnesses.
Pearl S.Buck worried about the role of women who in the contradiction between old and new,oriental and western culture,the orientat and the thinking conception.she wants to explore a new way to show the women esperience. Zhang Ailing is a little passive written in women conscious. Zhang Ailing points straighthy to women who is distorted,repressed、self-struggled and painful in the conscious world.In sum,The consciousness of women in their novels is impressive and unique having a real meaning.
We do not have realize Sai Pearl and Zhang Ailings female make the appraisal. Foreign land culture gradually influencing causes the female to realize the meaning to be meaningful, the alone style, and has the profound reality.
Key words: Pearl S.Buck; Pavilion of Women; Zhang Ailing; The Golden Cangue;
femal consciousness


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