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The novelette, the achievement "the novel family" the center "small is old four", in our countrys literary botanical garden is fighting colorfully struggles wonderfully. The novelette artistic feature lies in the length short, carves as if on the hair silk, it is main efficiently in the selection and the performance angle ingenuity, mainly passes "leaves a parting note for somebody" (namely leaves behind huge again creation space to reader) to realize. Its way has three aspects: One is in the work with by reflected the life "the spot" or the interception has huge refracting power; Two is in the material and the writing big area "leaves a parting note for somebody"; Three is the exquisite structure characteristic. Let the people in be unitary but not the empty plot, in wins humorously by the fining in the language which but also contains, catches life philosophy which makes people think deeply to the novelette.
Key words: Novelette; "Leaves a parting note for somebody" art; Exquisite idea;
Esthetic implication; Creation characteristic


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