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摘   要




Among numerous writers in ancient times in our country, Li Qingzhao just like a dazzling pearl emitting the eye-catching brilliance. Such a versatile female writer is not only rare in the history of literature in our country , but also rare in the world’s history of literature. Li Qingzhaos poem presents different style beauty in different times. It has the young girl times to be fresh beautifully vivid and the intelligent lively sincerity; the newly married to be gentle and lovely, the sincere tangled up tender feelings; also has in the chaos caused by war lonely, the sorrowful feeling of the world; has open , bright and unique heroic which is displayed in clean. In this thesis, the author elaborates the tender feelings and the heroic feelings in Li Qingzhao’s poem, also analyzes her poem style influenced by the specific social life and her individual psychology.
Key words: Li Qingzhao; Tenderness; Forthright and sincere; Hidden bitterness;
 Lofty sentiments


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