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摘   要



Was born "the new concept" the thesis big game not only saves in 1998 has bordered on goes out of business "Germinates" magazine, also gave is at the quiet social edge condition the Chinese literary arena to give a needle strong heart injection."After 80" the writers go out from "the new concept", rapidly and on frequently 100,000 even million books sales volumes occupied the people attention center by the juvenile literature posture.Their body place complex changeable 21st century early years, the nationality and the literature all are facing the huge opportunity and the challenge.They entered the market actually not to enter the literary arena, they as if born that way were bewildered the melancholy, they were questioned whether represented “80’s” generations... ..
Is at a loss in the youth, is dispirited after the fervor, surely after making noise disperses completely the pain to precipitate this time sound, after this is we " After 80", an unprecedented generation.
Key words: "the new concept" the thesis big game; "After 80" the writers; market;    literary arena; melancholy


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