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Jia Baoyu and Sun Wukong are without doubt in our country history of literature two most brilliant literary figures representative. However they from image itself or from this initiation the plot  as well as multi- meaning emotion are extremely different, down to our very difficult tentative plan to bring into line with them take the general character as the main axle literature category. But carefully analyzes, we may find a pivot to support their general character reason, this is they rebels against the behavior.
    In classical novel character decorated corridor, they are to be known by all of audiences rebels model. By its bright individuality and the unique spiritual brilliance, they win the later generation reader were to lovely. This article is tries from the humanity  to discuss it’s rebel against the behavior the similarities and differences. And thoroughly excavates its tragedy connotation and the esthetic value.
    Key words: Jia Baoyu; Sun Wukong; rebels against the behavior; humanity


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