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摘   要




This article explains the relation between human speech and life while going on this premise "education is life", discuss the necessity that made the teaching of Chinese living, and inquired into the practice strategy that made the teaching of Chinese living. The standpoint of the article approval is "education is life" and think Chinese is a phonetic and actual existence, is the essential condition and important tools that the mankind create the oneself culture, mankind life is an infinite process that the mankind create the oneself culture to use Chinese. New Chinese lesson standard promotes that made the teaching of Chinese living, this is the further understanding to the teaching of Chinese living property and thoroughly thinking to traditional teaching of Chinese. At practice strategy, the article puts forward some viewpoints from conneting the classroom teaching of the school for that make the teaching of Chinese living, mainly content of the teaching and the teaching forms.
Key words: Chinese; life; make the teaching of Chinese living; necessity;
practice strategy


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