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摘   要



In Mo Shang Sang, Luo Fu`s image radiant, in our country history of literature it may be said the influence is profound. But, spreads the status about Luo Fu the localization, the academic circles is actually has wide divided opinions, until now hard to bring about conclusion. This article through the proof analysis, spreads a brand-new image localization to Luo Fu, makes every effort to let more people understand Luo Fu `s image the historical significance and the social significance.
The basis which the paper first points out which the current literary world scholars to hold two viewpoints as well as corresponds, from the moral accomplishment, the plot difference, the historical background, the cultural context, the time difference and so on variously carries on the analysis and the retort, thus for the paper`s second half argument proposed makes the upholstery.
The paper persists the historical materialism and the dialectical materialism viewpoint, The characteristic, authors creation intention from the poetry which in close integration with then history background, in particular the Chinese musical conservatory thought tendency and authors creation intention as well as the Chinese musical conservatory creation principle, the method, artistic and the creation general rule and so on, which had the historical background, musical conservatory folk song narrative and the artistry unifies, how understood Luo Fu husband this words and so on four stratification planes have carried on the concrete analysis proof, Proposed the present paper viewpoint: Regards as the folk female to be  more appropriate, like this understands not only is faithful to "Chinese Musical conservatory" the creation spirit, also has the thought value, then promulgated Luo to spread the image the social significance.
Key words: Mo Shang Sang; Luo Fu`s image; Localization; Folk female;
social significance




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