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摘   要

孙悟空是明代文学家吴承恩的名著《西游记》里的主要人物,迄今为止,世人对孙悟空这1形象的理解众说纷纭。有人认为他是“人民斗争”的代表人物,有人认为他是“失败的深化英雄”,更有人认为他是 “新兴市民阶层”的代表人物,也有相当1部分人认为他是1个悲剧形象,不过对于他的悲剧意义也有很多种不同的理解。

SunWukong is the famous figure of the famous work¬¬¬¬—— < Journey to the West > which wrote by Ming Dynasty writer WuCheng’en. To date, there are so many kinds of understanding of this figure, some people think that he is the symbol of  "the peoples struggle", many others think that he is " the deepening heroic failure", even many people think that he is "the emerging public sector" representative, also a considerable number of people think that he is a tragic image, but to the tragic image,there are also a very different meanings tragedy concepts.
This article merged some excellent works and mixed my opinion on this particular image.It discusses the changes in personality of SunWukong who as a freedom fighter become to a restricted action "Buddha"; It particularly discusses the feelings of love in the tragedy of the missing and also explored his position in contemporary society, thus creating the awkward position of the tragedy.
Key words: SuWukong, tragic; freedom; love; social tragedy; Seat Journey to the West;
SunWukong’s Biography


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