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On the Linguistic Features of Chinese and English Proverbs


Francis Bacon once commented that the genius, wit and spirit of a nation were discovered in proverbs. As a special plane of language and culture, proverbs reflect almost every aspect of the features of a nation. Therefore the importance of proverbs is quite obvious. In addition, the frequent appearance of proverbs in newspapers, magazines, literary works, TV and radio programs, and even in daily speeches suggests that proverbs indeed have an inexhaustible life. And in the learning of foreign language, namely in such activities as listening, speaking, reading, writing and translating, proverbs are now and then involved and oftentimes play a significant role. Firstly, this thesis sums up the definition of proverb and similarities and differences between Chinese and English proverbs in many aspects. On the basis of that, it continues to analyze the linguistic features of Chinese and English proverbs. A contrastive study has been used in this thesis to analyze the following three aspects: the linguistic features of Chinese and English proverbs; the similarities of their linguistic features; the differences of their linguistic features. Finally, this thesis puts forward the problems existed in the study of linguistic features of Chinese and English proverbs.

Key Words: Chinese proverbs; English proverbs; linguistic features; similarity; difference

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