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The Application of Computer-assisted Language Learning in Chinese Secondary School English Teaching


Recent years, more and more English teachers have been engaged in or are trying the practice and research of computer-assisted language learning (CALL). The Internet and the rise of multimedia have provided an ideal learning environment for foreign language learning: offering rich authentic language materials, providing multiple representations, facilitating collaboration among students and real-life communication, etc. This article aims to make people more familiar with CALL and then make it serve for Secondary School English teaching.
The thesis consists of three parts. Part one exposes the drawbacks of traditional English teaching method, points out it’s a trend and necessities to combine the computer technology with teaching, then give a full introduction to the CALL. Part two centers on the functions of the CALL in Chinese Secondary School, such as the motivation of students’ interest, the supplement of learning resources, the improvement of teaching efficiency. Finally it points out CALL, as a new teaching way, asks the teachers and learners for higher quality.

Key Words: Computer-assisted language learning (CALL); Secondary School English teaching; multimedia; Internet

摘    要


关键词:计算机辅助语言教学、 中学英语教学、 多媒体、 因特网


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