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An Analysis on Language Features of Foreign Trade Contract


Foreign trade contract is an agreement enforced by law. It concerns the economic activities of different countries, different enterprises and different organizations. As a sub-variety of Legal English, it plays an increasingly important role in our social life. In the previous half century, people have paid much attention to the development of the language of foreign trade contract. However, most of the research on business contract has merely touched upon some aspects of this sub-variety or has just made a general investigation at a superficial level. A profound study of business contract from a stylistic perspective is far from satisfactory.
Consulting the principles studied by predecessor, this thesis discusses the language features of foreign trade contract as following steps. First, the thesis expounds the definition of contracts and does a general explanation about contract and contract language. In discussion on language features of foreign trade contract, textual features, language essence, vocabulary, sentence and tense are discussed detailedly with separate paragraphs. Finally, the thesis expounds the way of using language of foreign trade contract.
This thesis tries to reveal language features of foreign trade contract and provide sufficient basis for the effective drafting of foreign trade contract, which, we hope, will help the draftsmen and executors of business contract to better understand and use the language of foreign trade contract.

Key Words:  contract definition; contract language; legal language; contract vocabulary; sentence structure

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