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    This thesis is developed from my years of study on campus; Numerous people have lent me a helping hand in completing this research.
    Firstly, special thanks go to Mr. Zhou Wenge, the instructor of this paper as well as a respectable teacher in School of Foreign Studies, Hunan University of Science and Technology, whose frequent guidance and invaluable suggestions lead to the accomplishment of the thesis. Mr. Zhou’s hardworking and responsible spirits set a good example for all the undergraduates of 2006.
Secondly, thanks go to all the university leaders and teachers, who have imparted the essence of knowledge to me, especially to Mr. Zhang Jinghua, who has taught me Translation and whose original ideas and interesting lectures make great impression on me and finally lead to the start of the thesis.
Last but not the least, thanks go to all the school librarians, who have done very much in supplying us with reference books, as well as to those authors whose works have been quoted by me in the thesis.

Based on the characteristics of spoken language and strategies used in negotiation, this thesis discusses the methods to avoid pragmatic failures and understand the different language communicative skills in different cultures, and elaborates several ways to master good language communicative skills in order to give full play to language’s advantages so as to increase the successful chances of international business negotiation.

Key words: language communicative skill; international business negotiation; characteristic; pragmatic failure

贸易谈判是贸易活动很重要的环节,而语言则是谈判的媒介,商务谈判的过程是1个围绕双方经济利益, 通过语言进行沟通和协商的过程,实质上就是谈判者运用语言进行协调磋商,谋求1致的过程。本文从语言表达和施展谈判策略出发,探讨了避免谈判语境中的语用失误,分析了不同文化背景下的语言交际方式,阐述了如何运用语言,掌握良好的语言表达技巧,从而更好地发挥语言在谈判中的作用,以提高商务谈判的成功率。


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