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时间:2017-06-11 开题报告 我要投稿


  1、 语言类

  1、 The Importance of Oral English

  2、 A Comparative Study of American English and British English

  3、 The Characteristics of Spoken English

  4、 Formal and Informal English

  5、 On English- Chinese and Chinese- English Translation

  6、 The Function of Figurative Language

  7、 Body Language –An Important Means of Communication

  8、 Colloquial English and Written English

  9、 Linguistic Study of Journalistic Language

  10、 The Characteristics of Business English

  11、 The Function of Grammar in English Acquisition

  12、 The Application of English Euphemisms

  13、 Similarities and Dissimilarities between Chinese and English

  14、 Basic Characteristics of Business Letters

  15、 A Linguistic Comparison Between Business English and Literary English

  16、 The Main Differences Between American English and British English

  17、 Adjustment of Syntactic Components for Forcibleness and Impressiveness

  18、 The Word BUT in Negation

  19、 A Study of Nominal Relative Clauses

  20、 The Expressive Function of the Continuous Tense in English

  21、 The Characteristics of Scientific English

  22、 The Characteristics of English Journalism

  23、 The Function of English Idioms

  24、 English Idioms and Chinese Idioms-----A Comparative Study

  25、 English and Chinese Sound Systems-----A Comparative Study

  26、 On English Rhetorical Devices

  27、 How the English Language Creates New Words

  28、 How the English Language Enlarges Its Vocabulary

  29、 How Journalistic English Shortens Its Words

  30、 The Witty Use of Conversion in English Journalism

  31、 The Witty Use of Compounding in English Journalism

  32、 A Pragmatic Study on Conversations

  33、 The Practical Use of Co-operative Principles

  34、 How to Distinguish English Synonyms

  35、 The Distinctive Features of Advertising English

  36、 The Features of the English Basic Word-- Stock

  37、 The Essential Features of Phrasal Verbs

  38、 The Essential Features of English Idioms

  39、 Functions of Language

  40、 A Study on English Lexical Collocations

  41、 How to Use the English Dictionary Effectively

  42、 Improving Listening Comprehension through Anticipation

  43、 The Relationship Between “Listening” and “Speaking” in English Learning

  44、 Error Analysis and Improving Ability in English

  45、 A Preliminary Discussion on Cohesion

  46、 The Influence of the Native Tongue on Second Language Acquisition

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