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时间:2017-05-12 论文致谢 我要投稿



  I would like to grant oceans of thanks to all my respected teachers and friendswho have offered me cordial assistance during the two and a half years.

  First and foremost, I owe a special debt of gratitude to my respected supervisorProfessor Li Changbao, for his patient guidance, insightful suggestions and constantencouragement through the whole process of my thesis. Without his inspiringinstructions and invaluable suggestions, it would really be a difficult task for me tocomplete this thesis by myself.

  Special thanks should also go to all the excellent professors who have taught mein this university over the past two years, for leading me into the field of researchwork, and giving me tremendous inspiration, courage and confidence during my studyhere. Their insightful lectures have made my study delightful and enjoyable.

  Finally, I am also deeply indebted to all my family members and friends for theirencouragement which inspires me every time when I have no motivation to continue.


  父母过的好点。感谢孙宁。研究生生活的一部分,未来奋斗动力的一部分,身为亲人, 勿需多言。感谢王赛。让我在学习和生活上重新审视剖析自己,让在我在未来道路 的选择上,坚定自己。相互挽扶,彼此信任。路漫漫而修远兮,执子之手共求索。

  感谢魏老师;骨逦募堑玫谝淮渭豪鲜Φ那樾。既有些不知所措, 又想竭力表现以博得老师的关注。魏老师严谨的学术态度和温和的为人 处世原则,润雨细无声,默默浸润着我的学习和生活。

  在论文的写作过 程中,从论文理论框架,到资料的收集,整个论文的架构乃至细节之处 的修改,魏老师无不悉心指导,论文之内,我有成长,论文之外,更是 受益良多。在此,向导师表示由衷的感谢,谢谢您魏老师。感谢 Susan 老师,给予我很多学习和提高英语能力的平台,开阔眼界 增长见识,让我有幸在一个个实践的机会里锻炼和审视自我。

  谢谢您梁老师。感谢同窗好友。整个班级里里,斐哥,浩然,是绝对的领袖和榜样。在 大宿舍里还有:春儿,小昕,陈真,老王,老李,宋磊,薛峰,王珂, 一句话:我们兄弟情深!三年相处的情谊,将是我人生中无比绚烂夺目 的财富!


  扭头望向 窗外,久不能语。在即将走出校园,直面大千世界的路口,虽然有些彷徨,有些茫然,但 是我知道,我必须勇敢迈步前行。


  未来不可知,是我们前进的原动力! ! 未来不可知,是我们前进的原动力!!


  my deepest gratitude goes first and foremost to professor aaa , my supervisor, for her constant encouragement and guidance. she has walked me through all the stages of the writing of this thesis. without her consistent and illuminating instruction, this thesis could not have reached its present form.

  second, i would like to express my heartfelt gratitude to professor aaa, who led me into the world of translation. i am also greatly indebted to the professors and teachers at the department of english: professor dddd, professor ssss, who have instructed and helped me a lot in the past two years.

  last my thanks would go to my beloved family for their loving considerations and great confidence in me all through these years. i also owe my sincere gratitude to my friends and my fellow classmates who gave me their help and time in listening to me and helping me work out my problems during the difficult course of the thesis

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