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时间:2017-08-31 论文致谢 我要投稿



  Many people given invaluable supports while I was pursuing this research. This thesis couldnot have been completed without the help of my supervisor, students, friends and family, towhom even words fail to express my gratitude.

  ' First and foremost, I wish to deeply acknowledge my gratitude to Prof. Mrs Zhao, mysupervisor, whose invaluable and thoughtful comments,advice and encouragement helped metremendously throughout this study; without her guidance, this thesis could not have beencompleted successfully in appropriate time. My sincere and deep appreciation also goes to allthe professors and teachers,for their special guidance and helpful advices. Through theircourses I have learned a great deal during the period I stayed in the college.

  I would also like to express my sincere thanks to and my classmates and friends who havehelped me a great deal throughout my study. Special thanks go to the students and instructorsworking in the School of Tibetan Language and Culture in Northwest University forNationalities, who voluntarily participated in this survey. Without their supports andcooperation, the present thesis is impossible.

  Last but not least,I also owe a great deal to my family. In particular, I would like to givethe greatest thanks to my parents, who have contributed so many valuable instructions andequipped me with so many inspirations and encouragement for their support. It is to them, withmany thanks and much love, that I dedicate this thesis.


  Upon the completion of this thesis,I could not stop expressing my heartfelt appreciation andgreat gratitude to those who have contributed to the thesis.

  First and foremost, my deepest gratitude goes to my supervisor, Professor Yan Penheng,who gives me useful reading list, expert continuous instruction, valuable suggestion in eachsemester during the three years study. Without his instructive comments and kind criticisms, Iwould not finish the thesis.

  Secondly, I would like to thank to prof. Wang Mouqing, prof.Zheng Yijun, prof.MaXiaowen,prof.Zhang Hanbin, department director Yang Haiying and teacher Guan Guiyun.

  They give me valuable lessons and lecture during my study in the Northwest University forNationalities. Especially Professor Zhang Hanbin, he gives me big help to teach how to collectand analyze the data with the help of the SPSS software,which make sure that my thesis ismore scientific and reasonable.

  Next, Great thanks to my classmates Wu Juntong,Mai Tong,Zhao Li,Wang Zhenyu,andmy roommates,Yang Qiujie Zhao Xuejie,Chang Chengping and my senior Zhang Xiaolan.

  Especially to my classmates Wu Juntong,she gives me a favor to collect the data withoutcomplaining and her students volunteered to participate in the experiment.

  Then, I would also give special thanks to my students,Gao Zan,Wang Yong and otherstudents in Northwest University for Nationalities.

  Last but not the least; I would like to express my deep gratitude to my family members.

  Thanks for them giving the endless support and encouragement whenever I failed and succeed.

  Their support and understanding makes me engaged in completing the thesis totally.


  In the process of writing this thesis many people have offered me their generoushelp and Fd like to convey my sincere gratitude to them here. First, I am especiallygrateful to Professor Wang Mouqing, my supervisor, who provides me withinformative instructions and great patience in the course of my writing and revisionof the thesis. I also want to show my thanks to my teachers and professors foroffering me help and instructions when I write this thesisI am also very grateful to the teachers and students in the investigated classes ofthe study. Without their participation and cooperation I could not have collected dataof the present study.

  I would like to show my gratitude to my classmates and friends too. They giveme a lot of help and support when I write this thesis.

  Finally, I want to show my special thanks to my parents, my husband and mylovely daughter for their emotional support in the process of the research.


  In the process of learning and writing, I get much help from my teachers and classmatesso that I can complete my studies successfully; I am here to express my sincere thanks to allmy teachers, classmates and colleagues. I especially want to thank my tutor Mr Ma. Hisprofound knowledge, broad vision, refines on, continuous innovation and dedicationinfected with me every hour and moment. As my tutor, he gave me many valuable opinionsand suggestions on my thesis, making my thesis successfully completed. I would like to saythat I was lucky enough to meet such a serious and responsible teacher. At the same time, Iwould like to thank my colleagues and family for understanding and supporting me duringthese three years.


  I want to express my sincere gratitude to all those people who are always by my side andoffer me invaluable assistance and encouragements during my thesis writing.

  First, my earnest gratitude and highest admiration goes to my supervisor, Dr. Wang Bing.

  He has taught me plenty of knowledge about intercultural communication which makes up thefoundation of this thesis. Furthermore, I quite appreciate to his patience and valuableassistance that he showed in the process of modifying my thesis. Without his brilliantintelligence and profound knowledge, this thesis my not be completed so smoothly.

  Second, I want to thank my fellows who give me much useful advice on this paper. Icouldn't get any improvement without their help when I studied at Liaoning NormalUniversity.

  Last but not the least, I want to thank my parents and my friends, whose support isalways my encouragement to finish this paper. During the study, my friends give me thegreatest help to research the thesis so that I can finish this paper smoothly.


  As for my thesis writing, I would like to express my gratitude to all those who have everoffended me great help, good advice and excellent guidance. I appreciate all their kindnessand assistance.

  First of all, I would like to express my sincere gratitude to my professor Fu, who offeredme inspiring instruction and guidance during my writing of the thesis. Without her insightadvice, prompt encouragement, painstaking proofreading and remarkable guidance, thecompletion of the present thesis would not have been smooth.

  Then many thanks go to all the teachers in the foreign language department of LiaoningNormal University. During the three years, a lot of professional knowledge which helps me tolay a good foundation for the thesis was due to their rigorous teaching. Their words also haveprofound and lasting effects on me.

  Furthermore, I am most thankful to the Junior High School where I did my teachingpractice. The teachers and students there are very enthusiastic and very cooperative with myexperiment.

  Last but not least, I feel so graceful to my friends and family. Thanks for their love, careand support. I will cherish the days that I spent with them, especially during the period of mythesis writing.

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