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时间:2017-09-03 论文致谢 我要投稿



  I would like to express my sincere and deep gratitude to my supervisor, ProfessorSun Jisheng, for her inspiring instructions, earnest encouragement and great patienceshe has offered to me. I was especially touched and encouraged to have her detailedcomments and suggestions when revising the thesis. What's more, I learned from herthe spirit of rigorous scholarship in my contact with her in the past several months.

  Without her supervision and instruction, I would not have been able to complete thisthesis.

  I would also like to extend my gratitude to the other professors of China ForeignAffairs University during my two-year postgraduate study there. Their instructivelectures have provided me with an enjoyable and profitable learning experience atCFAU, which has greatly improved my academic interest and ability.

  I also owe my gratitude to my colleagues in the Ministry of Foreign Affairswhere I work. My gratitude also goes to my department for the support to thislearning journey.

  My heartfelt thanks also go to my wife and my daughter, who have alwayssupported me during my postgraduate learning, preparation for national qualificationexams and this thesis writing. Their love and smile every day are the most valuablethings to me on this journey.


  The writing of a PhD dissertation is not an easy task, especially for someone whohas just begun her academic journey. During the evolution of this dissertation. I amdeeply indebted to a number of people who have guided and supported me in manyways.

  I would like to express my utmost gratitude to my research supervisor. ProfessorShen Li for her sincere and selfless support, prompt and useful advice during myresearch. She gives me a lifetime unforgettable memory of her benevolence, patience,intelligence,diligence and erudition.

  My gratitude also goes to Professor Chu Xiaoquan, Qu Weiguo and Shen Yuan ofthe Department of English, College of Foreign Languages and Literature, FudanUniversity. They gave me substantial suggestions for the refinement of thisdissertation during my pre-oral defense.

  I would also like to thank Professor Zhang Chunbai of the College of ForeignLanguages, East China Normal University. Professor Huang Guowen of the Collegeof Foreign Languages, Zhongshan University and Professor Wang Tongshun of theCollege of Foreign Languages, Shanghai Jiaotong University, for careful review ofmy dissertation and their valuable comments.

  I would like to extend my special thanks to Professor Wu Zhongwei ofInternational Cultural Exchange School. Fudan University. Being my supervisorduring the MA studies, he awakened my interest in SLA and TCSOL in particular. Thesame gratitude also goes to Professor Chen Liangmin of the Department of French,College of Foreign Languages and Literature, Fudan University. He introduced me theelegance of the French language which I chose as my major for bachelor's study and Iwould never forget what I have learnt from him.

  My special thanks also go to my mentor Professor Shen Xiaoxiao ofInternational Cultural Exchange School. Fudan University. He provided metremendous guidance and support for my administrative work as master students'counselor and built a perfect model of a teacher, an advisor and a leader.

  I am also grateful to Mme Zhang Shiyu' Li Lin. Shen Anyi and He Shijin fortheir spiritual support during my project. I am always indebted to the encouragementsthey gave me.

  Lastly and most importantly. I would like to acknowledge the endless support,encouragement patience and understanding of my family. They gave me the incentiveto do this work and have put up unquestioningly with the difficult person that I hadbecome in the last few critical months of finalizing this dissertation. I love themforever.


  First and foremost, I would like to send my sincere gratitude to my supervisorProfessor Li Changbao. Without his devoted guidance during the whole course fromthe selection of the topic to the final manuscript and the efforts he has made to revisethe manuscript, this thesis would not be what it is now. Meanwhile, during the pasttwo and half years, he also provided me with valuable suggestions about study andlife which may benefit me in my whole life.

  High tribute shall also be paid to all the teachers who have taught me during mygraduate study. Profound and intelligent, they endowed me with new insights towardsmy study. Among those teachers, I am really grateful to Mr. Teng Chao and Ms. ChenXianghong who are so gentle and considerate to share with me the importantmaterials I need when writing the thesis.

  Finally, I am indebted to my parents and friends who have always supported meand encouraged me during the course of the thesis writing.


  It takes me a whole year to finish this paper, and the process is definitely not easy.

  Fortunately, my supervisor, Professor Zhang Lei, keeps giving me valuable instructionand encouragement with her great patience and carefulness. Each time I sent her adraft of my paper, she would not only check its overall structure and logic closely, butalso correct all the errors word by word, which helped me to improve my papersteadily and made me feel more confident day by day. Without her guidance, thispaper can never be finished in time. And besides the paper itself, Professor Zhang alsogave me useful advice on how to approach the field of international relations whichwill be quite conducive to my further study. Therefore, I would like to express mysincere gratitude to Professor Zhang Lei for her kind help.

  I also want to thank all my English teachers at China Foreign Affairs University.

  During my two years' study on campus, they gave me professional and patientinstruction on English learning, which proved to be a necessary basis for the writingof this paper.

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