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时间:2017-09-06 论文致谢 我要投稿



  This thesis would never have materialized without the help and support frommany parties.

  First, I'd like to express my sincere gratitude to my supervisor in China ForeignAffairs University, Professor Zhang Xiaoli, who gave me a lot of useful andconstructive advice on my thesis. With his professional and academic knowledge, hetaught me how to do research, how to revise the thesis. Whenever I sent him ane-mail concerning my thesis, he replied soon. He spent a lot of time reading andcorrecting my thesis. Only under his guidance and encouragement could I finish thisthesis.

  I am also indebted to all my teachers in the English Department of ChinaForeign Affairs University. As a teacher myself, I learned a lot about interpretation,translation, culture and teaching methods from them, which is helpful to my job.

  I wish to express my thanks to my leader, dean of the Department of AppliedLinguistics, Capital Medical University. She encouraged me constantly to finish thestudy.

  At last, I want to thank my husband and other family members and relatives,who showed their concern and support when I pursued my study.


  This thesis would not have been possible without the guidance and help fromseveral individuals who contributed and extended their valuable assistance in thepreparation and completion of my study.

  First and foremost, my utmost gratitude to my supervisor at China Foreign AffairsUniversity, Dr. Lu Xiaohong, for her guidance, understanding, patience, and most ofall, her support during my writing of the thesis paper. She has spent so much of hertime giving me direction and reading, correcting my thesis paper. Without her advices,I would have been lost in a wrong field.

  I would also like to thank all of my teachers in the English Department of ChinaForeign Affairs University, especially to Professor Shi Yi, Professor Sun Jisheng,Professor Song Aiqun, Professor He Qun and Professor Cui Changqing. I have learneda lot from them during my time at this university, and I will always miss the time Ihave spent together with them in the classroom.

  I would like to express my thanks to all faculty members who have provided usnumerous support and help.

  Finally, and most importantly, I would like to thank my parents. Their support,encouragement, quiet patience and unwavering love are the driving power of my work.

  I thank my son, Gao Zizheng, who always cheers me up and brings inspirations to me.


  This thesis would not have materialized but for the numerous support and encouragementI have received from many parties. I would like to take this opportunity to express myheartfelt gratitude to all who have helped me.

  My deepest gratitude goes to my supervisor Professor Yan Jinglan, who has broadenedmy horizons of literary theories, acquainted me with academic norms, and guided me with herpatient instructions during my two and half years at ECUST. Her critical way of thinking,dedicated devotion, inspiring insight and intellectual rigor have impressed me a lot and willexert a profound influence on my future work. What's more,her passionate and positiveattitude toward life sets a good example for me.

  I also own an important debt of thanks to other teachers in our school,including Prof.

  Shao Zhihong, Prof. Wang Jianguo, Prof. Yu Yuguo,Prof. Chen Li, and Prof. Wang Zhiqin fortheir instructive advice and suggestions on both the structure and the textual details of mythesis.Many thanks go to my beloved roommates, fellow students and friends. They have liftedme up when I was frustrated and bewildered, and accompanied me with their encouragementand friendship.

  Finally, I owe this thesis to my parents, who have brought me up for the past twenty-fouryears and tolerated my flaws and shortcomings with their selfless love.


  Upon completion of this thesis, I'd like to take this opportunity to express my sinceregratitude to those who have helped me during this period. Firstly, I want to thank thedepartment of Foreign Language for giving me instruction and the permission to usedepartmental data.

  Secondly, I owe my deepest gratitude to my supervisor Professor Shao Zhihong of theForeign Language Department. This thesis would not have been completed without ProfessorShao,s insightful instructions and guidance. He has given his support to me in many ways.

  When he checks our theses, every detail is paid attention to. His strictness and discipline arewitnessed by his students every year.

  Finally, special thanks go to my friends for their encouragement and kind support.

  Thesis writing has been less painful with you by my side.

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