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时间:2017-06-20 论文致谢 我要投稿



  The writing of a PhD dissertation is not an easy task, especially for someone whohas just begun her academic journey. During the evolution of this dissertation. I amdeeply indebted to a number of people who have guided and supported me in manyways.

  I would like to express my utmost gratitude to my research supervisor. ProfessorShen Li for her sincere and selfless support, prompt and useful advice during myresearch. She gives me a lifetime unforgettable memory of her benevolence, patience,intelligence,diligence and erudition.

  My gratitude also goes to Professor Chu Xiaoquan, Qu Weiguo and Shen Yuan ofthe Department of English, College of Foreign Languages and Literature, FudanUniversity. They gave me substantial suggestions for the refinement of thisdissertation during my pre-oral defense.

  I would also like to thank Professor Zhang Chunbai of the College of ForeignLanguages, East China Normal University. Professor Huang Guowen of the Collegeof Foreign Languages, Zhongshan University and Professor Wang Tongshun of theCollege of Foreign Languages, Shanghai Jiaotong University, for careful review ofmy dissertation and their valuable comments.

  I would like to extend my special thanks to Professor Wu Zhongwei ofInternational Cultural Exchange School. Fudan University. Being my supervisorduring the MA studies, he awakened my interest in SLA and TCSOL in particular. Thesame gratitude also goes to Professor Chen Liangmin of the Department of French,College of Foreign Languages and Literature, Fudan University. He introduced me theelegance of the French language which I chose as my major for bachelor's study and Iwould never forget what I have learnt from him.

  My special thanks also go to my mentor Professor Shen Xiaoxiao ofInternational Cultural Exchange School. Fudan University. He provided metremendous guidance and support for my administrative work as master students'

  counselor and built a perfect model of a teacher, an advisor and a leader.

  I am also grateful to Mme Zhang Shiyu' Li Lin. Shen Anyi and He Shijin fortheir spiritual support during my project. I am always indebted to the encouragementsthey gave me.

  Lastly and most importantly. I would like to acknowledge the endless support,encouragement patience and understanding of my family. They gave me the incentiveto do this work and have put up unquestioningly with the difficult person that I hadbecome in the last few critical months of finalizing this dissertation. I love themforever.


  It gives me great pleasure to express my gratitude to all the people who haverendered help to me during the time of my Ph D study. First I would like to expressmy heartfelt thanks to my supervisor Prof. Sun Yingchun, both for his insightfullectures and academic expertise and his constant encouragement and patient support.

  Special thanks are due to Prof. Liu Shicong from Nankai University, who notonly encouraged me tremendously by showing great appreciation to my research topic,but also kindly provided me with the four-volume English version of the SelectedWorks published by FLP in the 1960s. I have also benefited greatly from Prof. Liu'slectures. My very grateful thanks go to Prof. Wang Hongyin from Nankai University,not only for his encouraging remarks about my research topic, but also for theinsightful advice and suggestions I have received from him throughout my Ph Dstudy.

  I am particularly grateful to Prof. Jack Masson, Professor Emeritus of theUniversity of Alberta, who not only helped me obtain valuable materials related to myresearch, but also kindly edited my dissertation. The help and encouragement I havereceived from him is inestimable. Thanks are also due to Dr Christina Schaffner,DrKate Sturge and Dr. Stefan Baumgarten from Aston University, and Dr Mona Bakerfrom the University of Manchester for their genuine interest in my research and theirconstructive suggestions.

  My heartfelt thanks go to Professor He Xianbin from Guangdong PolytechnicNormal University who kindly provided me with a copy of his very helpful book ontranslation and power relations. I would also like to thank Prof. Li Yuchen, Prof.GuoJide, Prof. Miao Xingwei, Prof. Wang Junju, Prof. Wang Keyou, Prof. Sun Changkun,Prof. Ji Yunxia and Prof. Lumin for their help and support in one way or anotherduring my Ph D study.

  Finally I want to thank my parents and my husband for their love, support andpatience, without which the process of my Ph D study would have been unbearable. Iespecially want to thank my son, who not only endured my mental absence, but alsohelped me proofread the Chinese paragraphs contained in my dissertation.


  The completion of the thesis is attributed to many people's support andencouragement.

  First and foremost, I want to extend my heartfelt gratitude to my supervisor,Professor Cao Daogen, whose patient guidance, valuable suggestions and constantencouragement make me successfully complete this thesis. His conscientious academicspirit and modest, open-minded personality inspire me both in academic study and dailylife. He gives me much help and advice during the whole process of my writing, whichhas made my accomplishments possible.

  Also, I would like to express my sincere gratitude to all the professors who havetaught me in this university. Their instructions have helped broaden my horizon andtheir enlightening teaching has provided me with a solid foundation to accomplish thispaper and will always be of great value for my future career and academic research.

  My thanks also go to the authors whose books and articles have given meinspiration in the writing of this paper.

  Last but not least, I would like to express my special thanks to my parents, whosecare and support motivate me to move on and make me want to be a better person.


  Upon finishing this thesis, I would like to express my great gratitude towards allthose who have offered me sincere assistance in the three years.

  First and foremost, my hearty thanks go to my supervisor, Professor ZhangRuwen, who has given me insightful suggestions and constant encouragement both inmy study and in my life. Furthermore, Professor Zhang's painstaking teaching andvaluable advice have profoundly contributed to the completion of the present thesis.

  Also, I own my thanks to all the professors who have taught and enlightening meduring my studies in the campus, for guiding me in the field of research work, whichis both challenging and fantastic. The experience and profit I obtained will be ofgrand importance to my further studies.

  Finally, I am also grateful to my family and friends, who encourage and supportme and share with me my worries, frustrations, and happiness.


  Time is a bird forever on the wing. For the past two years' post-graduate study, Ireally had a fulfilling life here. Not only have I met many knowledgeable teachers, butalso truthful friends. I would like to give my deep gratitude to many of them. First of all, Iam most grateful to Professor Zhang Ruwen, my supervisor, who offers me invaluableguidance and help both in my study and my life. Without her enlightening suggestions andinstructions, it would be a tough task for me to finish my thesis. Besides, I also appreciatemany other teachers who have offered their useful suggestions and inspire me a lot. Mythanks also go to my parents, grandparents, my classmates and my loving friends. Theircompany is a great consolation to me. I wish everyone could live in peace and happiness.











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