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时间:2018-09-04 论文致谢 我要投稿


  Here I would like to express my gratitude to all the people who helped me during theprocess of my writing this thesis. Without their help, I couldn't have completed the thesis.

  First and most important of all,I wish to thank Professor XX from the bottom of myheart for not only her valuable guidance and suggestions but also her constantencouragement, patience and generosity in spending her time on my thesis.

  Also special thanks should go to my colleagues and the students involved in the study inNo. 4 Senior High School who offered me consistent support and help to conduct myinvestigation and experiment.

  But for them, the study would have never been finished.Meanwhile I would also like to express my heartfelt gratitude to all the respectableprofessors who taught me during my postgraduate studies in Liao Ning Normal University.

  In their lessons, I acquired the academic competence needed to take on such a study.Last but not least, I feel like taking this opportunity to express my thanks to my family.Because of their love,care,understanding and encouragement, I can complete my thesiswriting eventually.


  My heartfelt thanks to all the teachers who have taught me during three years.They have assisted and provided me with invaluable support while I was pursuing thisresearch. This paper could not have been successfully accomplished without the helpof my supervisor, classmates, friends and my family.

  First of all. I owe my sincerely thankful to my supervisor, Prof. Ma Naqin whohas generously offered much help during every stage of my thesis writing. Withouther insightful suggestion on the design of research, her patient guidance and hermeticulous review of each draft, this thesis would not have reached the present form.Her rigorous, scientific approach to academic research and dedication to teaching willundoubtedly influence my future life and my teaching career.

  Special thanks to the students majoring in Art Department in NorthwestUniversity for Nationalities, who voluntarily participated in this survey. Withouttheir supports and cooperation, the present thesis is impossible.

  Last but not least, my gratitude also goes to my parents, my husbands and myson who have given me continuous support and encouragement during writing thisthesis.


  Hereby I would like to express my gratitude and appreciation to those who have been ofsupport to this thesis.

  First and foremost, I am extremely grateful to my supervisor Jiang Hui, who has beenvery generous with her time in helping me. Her valuable suggestions, rigorous supervisionand constant encouragement have contributed greatly to the completion of this thesis.My appreciation also goes to all the other professors and teachers, who taught me in thepast three years.

  I have greatly widened my span of knowledge from their courses.I also want to express my gratitude to my classmates and friends who have supportedand encouraged me.

  At last, I am grateful to my dear family for their deep love and constant support. Withoutthem, the thesis would not have been finished


  Firstly,I would like to express my sincere tiiankfulness to my supervisor, ProfessorZhang Mingjian, who gives me constant instruction and helpful advice to my thesis. Icould not finish my thesis without his patient guidance and his careful corrections.

  Secondly, I want to thank all my teachers for their insightful enlightenment andprofound knowledge which helps improve my English.

  Thirdly, I would like to be thankful for the sixty-six students who helped finish thequestionnaires and carry out this experimental research.

  I am also really appreciated that my parents give me both financial and spiritualsupport and it is their love and support that help me go further in the road of scholarlyresearch.


  AcknowledgementsMy thanks go to my supervisor, Prof. Liuruiming, who has offered a lot of suggestionsand comments on my paper and polished every page of my draft and has spent much of histime in offering valuable advice and guidance in my writing, and whose intellect insightshave contributed greatly to the completion of this thesis. Had he not devoted his pains-taking efforts to reading patiently each draft and making critical comments, the completionof this thesis would have been impossible.

  My special thanks also go to all my teachers in Inner Mongolia Normal Universitywhose inspiring lectures have had an undoubted influence on much of the co ntent of mythesis.

  I would like to extend my heartfelt gratitude to the authors whose words I havecited or quoted, and to the scholars upon whose ideas I have freely drawn.

  Special thanks should also go to my students for their enthusiasm and cooperationin the survey study.

  Finally, I would like to give acknowledgements to my husband, my good friendsand my parents. Their love, care, support and incessant encouragement have helped meovercome many difficulties throughout the thesis writing.

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